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Oct 8, 2010

O-17: Korea Bugslock Mosquito Repellent Band 韩国正BUGS LOCK 纯天然香茅驱蚊手带 @ RM15.00/pc

BUY 2pcs For RM25.00
【Brand 品牌】:Bugslock, with original label 带防伪
【Materials 面料】:
30% citronella oil, 70% micro fiber textile fabrics, lavender extract
【Specification 尺寸】:25*1.8cm
【Others 其他】:

BUGSLOCK is a mosquito controlling product Made in Korea to repel the mosquitoes with a 100% natural aroma. It is a creative and band shaped product, which prevents mosquitoes from approaching as the item emits an aroma that the insect can't stand.

As it is small in design and easy to carry, it is convenient & usable at anytime. Plus, it is a safe product, which can be used even by infants, in other words, all age groups can use it because it is made of non-toxic substances. It is an elegant product with its various colors and refined designs, hence, it can be used as a form of accessory it.

Just wear Bugslock on the wrist, ankle, or simply hang it on baby stroller, walker, plants. wardrobe or anywhere in your house, it works to protect your family from mosquitoes.
Effectiveness: up to 240 hours or 10 days in equivalent

**Long-term storage can be secured if only user closes zipper after inserting product into package for storing again for next time use.



使用时间: 手带的使用时间为累积240小时,并非10天。如果您今天用了10个小时,半个月后再用,还有230小时。每次用完后,请放回原袋中


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