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Mar 16, 2010

T-030-35: Disney Height Scale 迪士尼身高尺 @ RM27.00

T-030 : A Piglet 飞天猪
T-031 : B Winnie the Pooh 小熊维尼
T-032 : C Tigger 跳跳虎
T-033 : D Eeyore 伊尔驴
T-035 : E Hello Kitty

【Brand 品牌】Disney 迪士尼
【Materials 面料】 Plush 毛绒
【Specification 规格】Scale 30-140cm,width14.5cm 刻度30-140CM(宽14.5cm)
【Description 产品说明】
This cartoon feet tall has has 6 small photo frame, to the corresponding stage of your baby's growth. Parents can place baby pictures of each age group on the above, sure memorable.
At the top of the cartoon feet tall has lanyard for hanging. Inside the cartoon leg filler with particles, to ensure the bottom increased weight, so that the feet tall scale will not swing. Cartoon feet tall scale can be hung on the wall, wardrobe door, back door, both practical and decorative good.

身高尺顶部有挂绳,方便悬挂。小动物的脚丫里装有颗粒填充物,底部增加重量,不会使身高尺飘动。身高尺可挂在墙上、衣柜门内、房门背面,既实用,又有不错 的装饰性。

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