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Mar 16, 2010

T-023-28: Disney Puppet Toys 迪士尼手偶玩具 @ RM15.00

T-023 : A~Piglet 飞天猪
T-024 : B~Winnie the Pooh 小熊维尼
T-025 : C~Tigger 跳跳虎
T-026 : D~Eeyore 伊尔驴
T-027 : E~Garfield 咖啡猫
T-028 : F~Hello Kitty

【Brand 品牌】Others 其它
【Materials 面料】 Short quality fiber, sponge inside lining 优质短绒, 里面有海绵内衬
【Specification 规格】23*28cm
【Description 产品说明】
Even the hands of cute, mother can use it to play in the hands with baby, manufactured with good quality velvet material and workmanship. adorable, bright colors, it is to attract attention of your baby. This is the duality of parents and children toys is the first choice for parent-child interaction, can move, my mother can be set to use even a very vivid story-telling to the baby, baby most favorite listen to story.

可爱的手偶,妈妈可套在手上逗宝宝玩,用质量很好的绒料制造,做工上乘,造型可 爱,颜色鲜艳,很吸引宝宝注意力。这种手偶玩具是家长和孩子亲子互动的首选,可做动作,妈妈可套上手偶很生动的给宝宝讲故事,宝宝最爱听故事了。

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