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Mar 16, 2010

T-019-22: Disney Ring Rattles 迪士尼手摇铃 @ RM15.00

T-019 : B Piglet 飞天猪
T-020 : A Winnie the Pooh 小熊维尼
T-021 : D Tigger 跳跳虎
T-022 : C Eeyore 伊尔驴

【Brand 品牌】Disney 迪士尼 (With Tag 带吊牌)
【Materials 面料】 Soft velvet cloth fabric 柔软布绒面料
【Specification 规格】14*18cm
【Description 产品说明】
A very lovely velvet cloth rattle by the classic children's favorite characters, ring-shaped design, very convenient size for baby's little hand grip, built-rattles, rattles and cloth are not afraid of injuries to the baby, shake shake and there will be sound of rings.

一款非常可爱的布绒手摇铃,深受小朋友喜爱的经典人物造型,圈形设计,大小适 中,非常方便宝宝的小手抓握,内置摇铃,并且布制的摇铃不会害怕伤到宝宝,摇动又会有摇铃声,宝宝一定开心极了.

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