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Mar 16, 2010

T-010-12: Infantino Peek-a-Boo Rattle 立体小动物摇铃/床铃/牙胶/响铃 @ RM20.00

T-010 : B Lion
T-011: C Duck (SOLD)
T-012 : D Frog (SOLD)
【Brand 品牌】Inflantino
【Materiald 材质】High-quality fabric material + high standards of quality safety plastic精工细作的优质布艺材料+高标准优质安全塑料
【Description 介绍】
Infantino in the United States is no doubt the master baby toys, which famous of its style and quality of work.
Infantino can made small animals so cute plump down-to-earth, by no means easy, small animals with the body of the rattle sound good, each with two teether, opened the small animal's neck, which inside is also a safety mirror, very good attraction for baby! infant toys of course, the three elements of a ring of paper, small parts on the ring with a rustle of paper ~ whether it is hung on the baby cot, or hanging out on the baby stroller, are absolutely pull the eye-catching style, Pull Me ~ like a small baby's small partners pets, bring a sense of security to the baby.

美国Infantino在做一岁内宝 宝玩具方面那是勿庸置疑的大师级了,由于它的款式和品质做工,决定了在销售这个品牌的货时真是心情无比舒畅~ 看看这款很有名的Jittery Pal系列的图片就知道有没有夸张了~
布艺能够将小动物做成如此的可爱丰满扎实,绝非容易,小动物的身体里 配有声音好听的摇铃,每款都带有2片牙胶,翻开小动物的脖子,里面还带有安全镜,对小宝宝很具有诱惑力哦! 婴儿玩具三要素当然少不了响纸了,小部位上带有沙沙的响纸~ 无论是挂在童床边、还是外出挂在童车上,都绝对的拉风抢眼,Pull Me~ 就像宝宝的小伙伴小宠物,给宝宝带来安全感.

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