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Mar 15, 2010

P-009: U.S. BABYBOX baby's Ear Protectors 美国贝博氏BABYBOX婴儿游泳专用耳塞 @ RM20.00

 Your baby is the most delicate health, but also the capacity of self-protection is the worst, the parents are willing to put the world's most good for baby, but tent to overlooked by some of the details.

For example: When your baby in the bath (shampoo), baby will inevitably flow ears, and then you will spend a lot of time and energy to clean their ears with cotton. Similarly the most popular baby swimming course, such a small embarrassment also a frequent occurrence.

BABYBOX baby's ear is to design your baby to develop a new generation of baby swimming supplies - Silicone swimming earplug, to protect your baby's delicate ears, to prevent the water!

BABYBOX's ear plugs designed specifically for infants and young children (adults can also use), safe, comfortable, soft, and Flexibility, smooth surface, non-absorbent, can be washed, etc.

BABYBOX's ear plugs 100% pure silica with a water-proof, dust, noise abatement measures to the role. Your baby in bathing, swimming, sleeping ears to be security.

Packing with 4 pcs and can re-use!
Completely avoid the waste of the general ear and paste dip baby fine hair on the body of the drawbacks and is superior to other types of ear plugs.

Preservation methods: Long period of time when not in use, please save ear optical density closed. 

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