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Mar 15, 2010

P-007: Korean Version Baby Neck Float 曼波鱼屋韩国版防断带特加厚婴儿脖圈 @ RM55.00

Float Colour 颜色: Pink 粉红, Purple 紫
Float Size 尺寸: S, M, L

【Product 产品名称】: Korean Version Baby Neck Float 曼 波鱼屋韩国版防断带特加厚婴儿脖圈
【Model 商品型号】:MA-1014
【Brand 品 牌】:Hong Kong Graceful Wave Fish Room香港曼波鱼屋
【Product Specification产品规格】:
a. S (0-6m): Diameter 42(out) x 7.5cm (in) [外径42×内径7.5cm];
b. M (6-18m): Diameter 42(out) x 9.5cm (in) [外径42×内径9.5cm],
c. L (18-36m): Diameter 42(out) x11.5cm (in) [外径46×内径11.5cm]
【Colors 颜色】Pink 粉色, Purple 紫色
【Product Package 产品配置】:
Korean Version Baby Neck Float + Patch Package
曼波鱼屋韩国版防断带特加厚婴儿脖圈+ 修补包一个
【Product Descriptions 产品说明】:
Hong Kong Graceful Wave Fish Room, 2008 latest Korean version of the Baby Neck Float is through Hong Kong, the United States, South Korea baby digital experts argued numerous tests and create a new generation of Baby Neck Float completely overcome the use of the old section inserted neck ring buckle and magic, as well as its shortcomings, big or small, the current 2-year-old to 3-year-old baby can also use the swimming neck ring, and filled only 2 years of baby age gap can enjoy swimming. On this basis and the use of PE composite fibers with more effective to reduce the interpolation easy release button and the magic and the chance of belt and effective to improve the safety factor. Each product are printed in Chinese, English and Korean language warning

General S size suitable for Babies 6 months and below, M size suitable for babies 6-18 months, L size suitable for babies 18-36 months.

香港曼波鱼屋08年最新款韩国版婴儿游泳圈是经香港、美国、韩国数位婴儿用品专家无数次的测试论证而打造出的新一代婴儿游泳圈,完全克服了老款脖圈采用插 扣和魔术贴以及不分大小号的缺点,目前2岁至3岁的宝宝也可使用游泳脖圈了、填补了只有2岁以下的宝宝才可享受婴儿游泳的空白。并且在此基础上采用了新一 代母子扣及纤维PE复合带更有效的降低了插扣和魔术贴容易脱扣和断带的机率,有效的提高了安全系数。每个产品均印有中文、英文以及韩文的警告语

产品出口韩国数量份额逐年增加,为了进一步巩固香港曼波鱼屋对韩国出口和拓宽在韩国的销售市场,提升香港曼波鱼屋产品在韩国的知名度,公司按照韩国KS标 准要求进行文化建设和组织生产。2008年5月,经过韩国KS标准认证机构现场审核和样品在韩检测,一次性成功通过认证。标志着香港曼波鱼屋品牌产品又登 上了新的台阶。


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