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Mar 15, 2010

P-006: Transparent swimming pool 海底探宝续透明婴儿游泳池 @ RM200.00

Float Colour 颜色: Pink 粉红, Purple 紫
Float Size 尺寸: S, M, L 
a. S (0-6m): Diameter 42(out) x 7.5cm (in) [外径42×内径7.5cm];
b. M (6-18m): Diameter 42(out) x 9.5cm (in) [外径42×内径9.5cm],
c. L (18-36m): Diameter 42(out) x11.5cm (in) [外径46×内径11.5cm]
【Product 产品名称】: Transparent swimming pool 曼波宝贝海 底探宝续透明婴儿游泳池
【Model 商品型号】:MB-001A
【Brand 品 牌】:Hong Kong Graceful Wave Fish Room 香港“曼波鱼屋”
【Product Specification 产品规格】:80cm×80cm
The United States imports of PVC polymer network folder flavor

【Package 产品配置】:
1. Transparent swimming pool 海底探宝续透明婴儿游泳池
2. Korean Version Baby Neck Float 曼波鱼屋脖圈
3. 1.8m house dedicated pipe 1.8米专用进出水管
4. Dedicate water equipment专利进出水设备一套
5. 6 stents 六根支架
6. patch package 修补包
7. Inflatable pump香港曼波鱼屋专用打气筒一只
8. Product Manual产品说明书
9. Learning CD香港曼波鱼屋婴儿游泳光盘一张
10. Baby ducks temperature card 贝贝鸭水温卡
11. Ducks toys小鸭子玩具

【Products Description 产品说明】:
1. Top with the valve open, no need to reach out to the pool within the valve to open the side door.
2. Patent drainage into and out of the water system more convenient, more labor-saving water barrels solve the problems of pouring money down the drain.
3. The use of the real color rendering of the design of environmental protection safer and more assured.
4. U.S. Baby Box transparent high-flavor fully transparent PVC network folder.
5. Influent water to get off.
6. The use of externally bonded welding no water leakage.
7. Materials truly unimaginable flexibility.

1. 顶开式内阀门,无须伸手到池门侧打开内阀门。
2. 专利进出水系统排水更方便、进水更省力彻底解决了一桶桶倒水的烦恼。
3. 采用真正环保颜料绘制的图案更安全更放心。
4. 美国贝博氏高支香型透明夹网PVC透明百分百。
5. 进水出水一关搞定。
6. 采用外贴式焊接绝无漏水现象。
7. 材料的柔软度真正超乎想象。

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