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Mar 15, 2010

P-002: Deep Sea Exploration Swimming Pool 海底探宝婴儿游泳池 @ RM200.00

Float Colour 颜色: Pink 粉红, Purple 紫
Float Size 尺寸: S, M,

a. S (0-6m): Diameter 42(out) x 7.5cm (in) [外径42×内径7.5cm];
b. M (6-18m): Diameter 42(out) x 9.5cm (in) [外径42×内径9.5cm],
c. L (18-36m): Diameter 42(out) x11.5cm (in) [外径46×内径11.5cm]

【Product产品名 称】:Deep Sea Exploration Swimming Pool海底探宝
【Model 商品型号】:MA-1001
【Brand 品 牌】:Hong Kong Graceful Wave Fish Room 香港“曼波鱼屋”
【Product Specification 产品规格】:145cm X 110cm X 75cm (After Pump 充气后- Outer外径: 136*105*75CM; Inner内径:100*75*70CM)
【Materials 产品材料】:Korean imports PVC Plastic韩国进口蓝灰色调PVC塑胶

【Package 产品配置】:
1. Deep Sea Exploration Swimming Pool 海底探宝泳池
2. Korean Version Baby Neck Float 曼波鱼屋脖圈
3. 1.7m pipe 1.7米排水管
4. Patch package 修补包
5. Inflatable foot pump 脚踏充气泵
6. Electric pump电泵
7. Product Manual 产品说明书
8. Baby ducks temperature card 贝贝鸭水温卡
9. Ducks toys 小鸭子玩具

【Product Descriptions 产品说明】:
1. Materials: The swimming pool is not a transparent material, the Hong Kong Graceful Wave Fish Room specified materials imported from South Korea, for the blue-grey color, this material is unique in China. At the same time, this material is a blue-grey color, according to expert analysis, with the color and color vision can stimulate your baby's brain, your baby's visual development of the ability of a supporting role.
2. Hong Kong Graceful Wave Fish Room design patents - at the bottom of the influent water, 1.7 meters long water pipe set up export directly from the tap, the water just like the convenience of washing machines, swimming pools cannot be compared with the general advantages, since bid farewell to the history of pouring water down the drain barrels. At home and want to use any of a room, just long pipes. After swimming pool use, and then check the water pipes in the water down, this time, the water from the pools will be passed out at the bottom of the water slug flow, 1.7 meters of water pipes, the convenience of your water into the location you specify
3. Product used boats outdoor gas Cypriot bowl, do not leak more secure, than the average full-to-use spiralgas plug, spiralgas plug after several twist easily result of gas leakage. Cypriot bowl has two gas protections, two kinds of use, which a gas plugs, the outside of a screw cap, with the use of electric, pneumatic and gas within a single inter-study. In addition: this swimming pool is equipped with a special housing in Hong Kong Graceful Wave Fish Room (fish-based non-resistance to air), no need to use electric pump, the same labor-saving and convenient outdoor use, without power.
4. large size, the specifications are: 145 (L) * 110 (W) * 75 (H), wider design, swimming pools in general only the most wide between the 90-105CM, this swimming pool sufficient to accommodate an adult and baby at the same time.
5. Product through ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, (ID: 0106Q12457R0M/3100). High-grade color box design, very generous for own use or as a gift for friends.

1. 用料:这款泳池材料不是透明料,是香港曼波鱼屋指定的韩国进口材料制作而成,颜色为蓝灰色,这种料在国内是绝无仅有的。同时,这种材料的颜色是蓝灰色,据 专家分析,这个颜色及其色彩搭配能刺激宝宝的视觉大脑神经,对宝宝的视觉开发能力有辅助作用。
2. 香 港曼波鱼屋专利设计--底部进水出水,加长1.7米进水出口管设置,直接接到水龙头上,进水就像洗衣机一样的方便,具有一般游泳池无法比拟的优点,从此告 别一桶桶倒水的历史。并可随心所欲在家中任何一个房间使用,只需加长水管.泳池使用完后,把接在水龙头的水管取下来,这个时候,泳池的水就会通过底部水塞 流出来,1.7米的水管,方便您把水排到您指定的位置
3. 产 品采用了户外游艇使用的碗状气塞,更加安全不漏气,比一般的螺旋气塞安全好用,螺旋气塞扭过几次之后,螺旋丝容易滑丝而导致漏气。碗状气塞有2道保护、2 种用途,里面一个气塞,外面一个螺旋帽,配合使用电泵,充气和放气仅在一念间。另外:“海底探宝”配备了一款香港曼波鱼屋专用(鱼型无阻力气泵),无需电 泵,也一样省力,并且方便户外使用,无需电源。
4. 超大尺寸,规格为:145(长)*110(宽)*75(高),加宽设计,一般的泳池最宽的只有90-105CM之间,“海底探宝”足够容纳一个大人和宝宝 同时进入。
5. 产品通过ISO9001:2000质量体系认证,(编号:0106Q12457R0M/3100)。高档彩盒设计,送人自用都很大方。

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